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If you are looking for a classic British Automobile, you should be talking with someone that knows them.  We make sure the car you have selected for purchase meets your criteria and is in the condition as stated by the seller.  This service is provided directly within Northern California and across North America through our network of British Auto professionals.  We are a member of the British Motor Trade Association which gives us the ability to have resources across the country appraise the car of your dreams that you may find on eBay or other online auto dealers. 

Our buying services include:

  • A buyers inspection that is one of the most thorough you will find with leak down and compression test, as well as 88 other items. You get a complete written report with conditions of all 90 of the items. Take the guess work out of that on-line purchase. They all look so good on the monitor, but what really is it's condition?

  •  Our technicians have over 100 years of experience in all makes of classic cars.  

  • We make sure you don't get stuck with a "10 ft" car.


When your ready to sell your classic we have the connections to get it sold. 

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